October News Block!

With the turn of weather lets have a look at our hearth warming offers and more...

 Oct 8, 2020, 1:23:16 PM
Hi Locked Room Fans!  
Autumn has kicked the door on us with full force. Now that the sunny summer days are being replaced by cold rainy ones, there’s no better time to try one or two new escape rooms with your friends. Perfect chilling time for anyone who wants to relax a bit and solve complex but managable , nail-bitingly exciting puzzles with the use of real teamwork. And above all that, there’s even free coffee and hot tea waiting for you in our Lobby before or after your escape game.
Of course, we can't leave you without superb deals in October either, let's see what we have got for you now:  
At Locked Room, in the Motel Room you can try to find your missing friend Mr Thompson.  
While at AROOM, with the help of the DEA, you can attempt to catch the dreaded Pablo Escobar!  
You can play these escape rooms 25% cheaper all month long.  
All you have to do is enter your DEAL-10 coupon when making the booking and the discount is yours!
In addition, our two very popular games Metro and Sevenhill can be booked with a 10% discount throughout the month, as well as for small teams and couples. 
If you are just a team of two , we recommend the Bank Robbery and the Zodiac Killer game for only 9999 HUF!  
Furthermore, of course, we pay special attention to the health of you and our staff, you can read more about this HERE.  
And as the final word, it was almost 1 month ago that we have opened our latest escape room, the HEISENBERG PROJECT!
We are very happy that it has been an undivided success among our players, as not only the lovers of the highly successful Breaking Bad series appreciate it, but most players especially enjoy that this time you are not playing the classic good boys, but you could also be a little criminal minded.  
We are always looking forward to see you and your team of misfits.    
Book HERE!  
The Locked Room Team