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 Sep 26, 2020, 9:30:13 AM

Dear Locked Room Fans! 

We would like to reassure everyone once again, that both Locked Room and AROOM will continue to operate smoothly. Of course, we take maximum care for both the players and our staff.

The most important part of our gameplay is safety, so let us revisit again the measures that we have introduced and that we are applying in practice:

1, All players are asked to wash their hands thoroughly before and after the game and to use the hand sanitizers provided.  
 2, Gaming and waiting rooms are disinfected before and after each game. 
 3, The games happen with small groups, friends or family with whom you are in close contact anyways. 
4, We are always waiting for you in a clean and safe playing environment:          
    Before and after each game, the rooms and game elements are ventilated and disinfected.          
    At the end of each day, we also clean the rooms with our own ozone generator and mop up with       disinfectant.      
5, Our colleagues wearing masks are waiting for the arrival of the teams and their task is to uphold the prevention.
6, Please indicate if you are ill or possibly feverish in time and we will move your game to a suitable time.  
7, In the end, this is perhaps the most pleasant point, if any at all: 
We are waiting for those players who want a good opportunity to relax in Budapest with maximum security and a couple of amazing discount offers.  
Everyone pay attention to yourself and your surroundings and come play some good games only at the Locked Room.