We take on the task to organize indoor company team buildings. In order to escape from our room, strong cooperation and shared thinking is inevitable. The game can be a key to ease the stress of the workdays. To complete the tasks within the time limit, teams with good team work is needed, therefore the approximately 1 hour escape game can forge a good team bond between the members.You can have a comfy seat in our nicely designed lobby room or at our drink bar. We can serve you delicious soft drinks and hungarian hand craft beers and hot-dogs. If you need more catering just feel free to ask and we can prepare for it. With greater numbers of players the teams can even wait for each other there.

Team communication and collaboration is a strong aspect of roomescape games. Locked Room Budapest is perfectly suited for any corporate events.

We undertake the organization of birthday parties either it is a small group or a big one. We can host you with a cake, champagne, soft drinks or even unique gifts.

Choose our VIP packages, where only Your group is hosted during the games and you get more than an extra hour! This way, you have the ability to play uninterruptedly and play almost symultaneously.
Although our Basic packages provide you with a bigger discount, you will have to share the lobby with our other guests and the teams will start 15 minutes in between each other, based on the times shown on our website.

They escaped

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