Surprise your loved ones with a real gift of experience

Christmas gift certificate sale. Buy it now!

 Feb 13, 2024, 1:44:48 PM

Surprise your loved ones with a real gift of experience

Christmas gift certificate sale at Locked Room


It’s finally the best time of the year again: Christmas! This time we give all of our attention to family and friends… at least when we are not worrying about the gifts. Even though Christmas is the season of love and peace, the gifting process is always way more stressful than it should be. It doesn’t matter how well we know our loved ones, it is always hard to choose a gift that is useful and brings joy at the same time. So instead of wasting our time to find the perfect material present, surprise your loved ones with a real gift of experience! And what else could be the perfect gift if not an escaping experience at the best escaperoom in Budapest? 


The escaperoom gift certificate is a perfect surprise for everybody! You can use our certificates for all of our rooms at Locked Room and Aroom as well. You and your team can choose which you like the best from our 11 rooms based on the topic and the difficulty level. And the best thing is that you can manage the shopping part from the comfort of your home. The only thing you have to do is decide how many of you will come and play and pay everything online. You will receive the coupon code via email which you can use for your booking for 1 year. If you are not sure how many of you will come, don’t worry just buy for a certain number of people and if more members show up, you can pay the difference at the location. If you still want to give a material present as well, you can buy our giftbox which has a brand new look this year. And furthermore we have a very special Christmas gift certificate sale throughout the holiday season. Buy your gift certificate now with a discount up to 3000 forints and don’t worry about the Christmas shopping any more!


The special sales are not just for the holiday season though. You can still use our DECEMBERWEEKDAY promotional code to get 15% off of your total game price on weekdays all December. The offer is only valid Monday to Friday for the indicated games and cannot be combined with any other discounts.