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The day has finally arrived! The largest airship ever built takes its last voyage. The passenger list is made up of the most 

In AROOM's latest game, you can now take on the role of robber masters. Get the Maharajah's priceless treasure! The setting is the interior of a beautiful airship. Proceed from the storage, through the cabins, all the way to the cockpit, where the chest full of precious gems are located. The passengers are all taking part in the celebratory dinner, so hopefully no one will disturb you. The nearby storm will also help mask the sound of your footsteps. If you have obtained the treasure, unlock the emergency exit and head back to the storage room, because from there the ladder leads down to the small airplane attached to the bottom of the airship, which you can escape with.

Impressive visuals and varied tasks await! Although the game is one of the harder ones, we strongly recommend it for families and the young ones!

Sky Heist received special attention from the design team, as it is our jubilee, 25th - yes, that's not a typo - twenty-fifth game! We are proud that, as one of the World's very first escape game providers, we have been continuously offering our guests the most colorful and largest selection of games for over 10 years. How many of our rooms have you played?



60 minutes


AROOM Budapest





2 players

~ € 25.71


3 players

~ € 21.43


4 players

~ € 16.08


5 players

~ € 15.44


6 players

~ € 12.87


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