Recommended for escape game newbies and for teams who have some experience in the topic. Play from home!


The Story

What is the Live Video Escapre Room?

Its more than a stay at home program with your friends from your home, from your couch, yet in a real and super exciting escape room environment via your computer. Our game master swaps roles with you this time and he goes into the selected room for you and closes the door on himself. He will use your help to solve the tasks he encounters. He will be your hands and eyes, but you can also see everything he sees through the cameras. Work as a unit, observe everything well and help him solve the mystery! Whaaat? 
- The same gameplay, ie you have 60 minutes to complete the tasks.
- By directing the game master, you can walk around the room and instruct him on what to do.
- In an online inventory, you could take a close look at everything the game master finds in the rooms.
The Story: 
You've got an old friend Mr Thompson, who came to the city to attend a conference. Right after that, you went to have a dinner together. You haven't been seeing each other for a long time so you wanted to catch up. At the end of the night you went home, and he went back to his motel room. As of this morning you haven't been able to reach him at all, and that is very unusual, to say the least. Therefore you have made a small investigation and you found out that Mr. Thompson is not the only one who have disappeared from this particular motel room. You thought that you would pay a visit to your friend, but at the reception they handled your request quite suspiciously, they gave you only an hour before the staff has to do the full clean. It feels like that you have never had to be this precise about the hour you've got. Look around in the room while you can, and find Mr. Thompson!
What do you need?
- Either a laptop or a tablet per player (you can even play on a smartphone)
- Internet connection
- Free download for ZOOM program
- Pen and paper to make notes
Price of the game:
10.990 HUF for 2 players
11.990 HUF for 3 players
12.990 HUF for 4-6 players
13.990 HUF for 7-8 players
Satisfaction warranty:
We know it is a new stuff so if you are not satisfacted by any reason we offer money back warranty! 
All you have to do is book online and get your team together!
Boot it now! 
So the wait is over, if you are also a lover of escape rooms, if you are bored of out of your brain at home, then all you have to do is put together the band, book an appointment on the Locked side, sign up and start your joint online adventure!
We are gradually transforming our best games to make them compatible online, first making audience favorites available
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Our appointments are shown in local time of Budapest. 
We are in GMT+2 Timezone. 
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Pálya nehézsége

6/10 difficulty


60 minutes

Number of players

2-8 players






  • 2 person in the group
    ~ € 15.7/person
  • 3 person in the group
    ~ € 11.42/person
  • 4 person in the group
    ~ € 9.28/person
  • 5 person in the group
    ~ € 7.42/person
  • 6 person in the group
    ~ € 6.19/person
  • 7 person in the group
    ~ € 5.71/person
  • 8 person in the group
    ~ € 5/person


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