New online escape room! The Serial Killer

Now, the time is here to test yourselves once again in our second ever online escape room. Behold: The Serial Killer - Live

 Feb 13, 2024, 1:35:04 PM

New online escape room! The Serial Killer

We are thrilled to let you know, that our first online game the Motel - Live
was a big hit among you guys. There was of course the mandatory question
after every single game: When is the next opening up? 

Now, the time is here to test yourselves once again in our second ever
online escape room. Behold: The Serial Killer - Live

If you already have tried the Motel, you know you will love it,
if you have not then our money back guarantee is there for you to play it safe. 
Let the game begin and watch out for each other! 


The latest version of Escape Rooms - through a brand new online streaming service - gives you the opportunity to enjoy the live escape room experience without leaving home.

The Live Video Escape Room brings you the ultimate experience of escaping without boundaries! Join in, test yourself from home and play some highly engaging games! Only your game master will be in the playing area, who will be your eyes and ears during your mission. Just like an online chat room, you can join your friends for the exit game you have booked, where you will see and hear each other, but mainly the room, via GoPro cams we attached to our game masters. Give them instructions and guide them towards the right solutions.

Working together, you will be able to solve the diverse tasks that our escape rooms provide. Get ready for an unforgettable and unexpected adventure this time from home! Hit up our site to see more. Better than expected! Moreover we offer you now your first online experience with 20% off. Promocode: LIVE20

So the wait is over, if you are also a lover of escape rooms, if you are bored out of your brain at home, then all you have to do is put together the band, book an appointment by clicking the Book Now button, sign up and start your online adventure!