How Does a Live Video Escape Room Works?

The latest version of Escape Rooms - through a brand new online streaming service - gives you the opportunity to enjoy the live escape room experience without leaving home. The Live Video Escape Room brings you the ultimate experience of escaping without boundaries! Join in, test yourself from home and play some highly engaging games! Only your game master will be in the playing area, who will be your eyes and ears during your mission. Just like an online chat room, you can join your friends for the exit game you have booked, where you will see and hear each other, but mainly the room, via GoPro cams we attached to our game masters. Give them instructions and guide them towards the right solutions.


Thanks to the Live Video Escape Room, you can experience the limitless experience of escape room games from home! Connect to Friends and Family Anywhere in the World and Play Remotely, Together.


Take part in an exciting live adventure, during which you control the game master in the room, in the physical living space. The same gameplay, ie you have 60 minutes to complete the tasks.


This way, distance is not a factor. Be part of an unexpected and exciting adventure together from anywhere in the world. By directing the game master, you can walk around the room and instruct him on what to do. In an online inventory, you could take a close look at everything the game master finds in the rooms.


The live video escape room will guide you into the world of escape rooms with the use of some of the most advanced communication techniques available today, so in a difficult situation like the current one, you don't have to suffer any longer without your favorite hobby. From the saferty of your home, you can play the best escape rooms of Locked Room, together with your best friends or family. The experience is never before seen, just like in reality, the professional environment will be there as well as the varied tasks and unexpected turns will accompany your game. Take the room to pieces, comb through every square millimeter and find the items you need to move on. With the help of an online inventory, you can keep track of what you have already found and what you may still need. So the conditions and the technical backgrounds are given, the rest is just up to you just like in a traditional escape room, work together, see what online escape games are available on our website and experience the success of a joint online action adventure game! What do you need? - Either a laptop or a tablet, but you can even play on a smartphone. - Internet connection. - Free download for ZOOM program. So the wait is over, if you are also a lover of escape rooms, if you are bored of out of your brain at home, then all you have to do is put together the band, book an appointment by clicking the Book Now button, sign up and start your joint online adventure! We are gradually transforming our best games to make them compatible online, first making audience favorites available.