Terms and Conditions

Locked Room Budapest

Playing Locked Room's games requires acceptance of the following:


1.1 The games could be played by teams, ideally of 2-6 people per room. You have the room to yourselves and are not joining another group.
1.2 You will have 60 minutes for the game.
1.3 Locked Escape recommends customers to wear comfortable clothing for the game. We provide deposit boxes for your valuables.


2.1 You are entirely responsible for entering your details correctly on the booking form. By submitting an online booking form you warrant to Locked Room that all details supplied by you are true and accurate.
2.2 We send the confirmation of your booking via e-mail. After the game we might send you an email for rating your experience. 
2.3 We may ask for your reservation identifier code at the spot.
2.4 We do not accept cancellation or reschedules within 24 hours prior to the chosen time of the game. All sales are final - No refunds will be issued. We kindly request a minimum 24 hours advance notice of your cancellation. We will then reschedule your session for another date, or issue a credit for future use. All purchases are non refundable.

2.5 If your team is late for 10 minutes, the timer starts, and you will have less time for the game.
2.6 If your team is late for over 30 minutes, you cannot start the game, and the deposit will not be refunded.
2.7 Locked Room reserves the right to close their games due to maintenance or changing of games. You will recieve prior notification about rescheduling your game.
2.8 These terms and conditions are accepted automatically even if the booking is made on the spot or by phone.


3.1 The price of a game is stated on the Locked Room Budapest website.
3.2 Bookings can be made online on the Locked Room Budapest website or in person at the spot. 
3.3 After paying a deposit price, the remaining price of the game must be paid right before the game, on the spot.
3.4 In case of no-show, cancellation or rescheduling within 24 hours before the game, the deposit will not be refunded.
3.5 On the spot we accept cash only.
3.6 Only one discount can be validated for one game. Various discounts cannot be combined!


4.1 Each player will participate in the game at their own risk. Also, Locked Room is not liable for any (personal or equipment) damages caused by game room misuse.
4.2 Each player must accept our guidelines, cooperate with the staff, and must show sane, acceptable behavior.
4.3 Locked Room is entitled to charge the players for any damage, which is intentional or caused by misuse of the game room or game items.
4.4 People under influence of alcohol or drugs might be turned away and the game will be cancelled. Locked Room reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who is unfit, abusive or unsuitable in any way at the sole discretion of the owners and staff.
4.5 It is forbidden to smoke anywhere within Locked Room property.


5.1 All of Locked Room's games are their own, protected intellectual property.
5.2 It is forbidden to take pictures or to make video/audio recording in the games. The staff is entitled to remove any person who tries to make recordings.
5.3 All players agree to undertake not to discuss, divulge or circulate any information regarding the content of the games or any other proprietary information. By playing the games, all players agree not to pass on this information or they will render themselves liable to prosecution under breach of confidentiality rules.
5.4 These terms and conditions shall be governed by HUNGARIAN law and all disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the HUNGARIAN courts.