In the third month of the year the lucky number is six

It was never this good for the sixth member of your team

 Feb 13, 2024, 1:45:32 PM

Spring is finally here, which means sunny and cheerful times are ahead of us. On the other hand we all know how labile March weather can be. So when the outside hiking is ruined by the crazy rain, get crazy in Budapest’s best escaperoom.

If you are new to escaping, but feeling ready for some challenges, Locked Room’s Motel is the perfect choice for you. The game is mixed with the classic and the new generation solutions of the escaping experience. While investigating a probable murder, you not only have to open locks, but break into the Motel’s electronic system. On the other hand, if you’re already into escaping, you have to make a stop at Aroom’s Metro station. During the game you and your team have to become real professional bomb defusers and save the whole city from a catastrophic bombattack. Come between Monday and Thursday and play these two games now with 20% off during the month of March. Use the MARCH20 promotional code while booking online and be a part of an unforgettable experience.

The first month of the spring season is also a lucky charm for the six-member teams. If you play six between Monday and Thursday, the sixth person’s price is on the house. Book with the TEAM6 discount code and pay only for five people.

Both promotions cannot be combined with any other discounts, and can only be used between Monday and Thursday.

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