House of Escobar

The mission of your lifetime in a stunningly authentic environment. For experienced players


The Story

There are several ruined houses on the street, one of them is the notorious Pablo Escobar's drugstore . Your wisdom introduces you through the fence to the depths of the house and beyond. Find Pablo's hiding place.

The House of Escobar escape game is a thrilling and varied adventure game with special achievements. The scene is made up of many rooms and is located on multiple storeys, giving it a great deal of excitement and excitement.

Your undercover agent has been collecting evidence for months, but a few days ago you lost contact with him. It is on you now, you have to act! Call your special squad unit, enter the building, and find out what really happened.

The game is not scary at all and can be played by all ages. The puzzles are tuned to the topic and are unique in each part and are self-developed. The game will require close co-operation within the team.

We recommend this room for teams with 3 or more players.



60 minutes


AROOM Budapest




  • 2 person in the group
    ~ € 18.57/person
  • 3 person in the group
    ~ € 13.33/person
  • 4 person in the group
    ~ € 11.43/person
  • 5 person in the group
    ~ € 10.29/person
  • 6 person in the group
    ~ € 9.52/person


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June 20.

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