Gift Certificate Informations

AROOM is re-opened on 05th June and Locked Room will be opening on 19th June. We extend the expiry date of the gift certificates if you couldn't use it because of the quarantine.

 Jun 13, 2020, 5:38:45 PM
Dear Locked Fans! 
We would like to announce that all of you, who have purchased any gift boxes or gift vouchers will get extra time to use your coupon code. We have extended the expiry date for you if you couldn't use them because of the quarantine. 
If this happened with you just please send us an email to
AROOM Budapest has already opened its doors before the public on the 5th of June and Locked Room will follow it soon on the 19th of June. 
We are redecorating, revamping our games and even bringing you a cool new exciting escape room to choose from and of course keep an eye on this thread for crazy summer offers. 
Thank you for playing our games and see you soon!