Survive the apocalypse. Can you get out before it gets dark?


The Story


Nobody knows from where the first zombies came from, but it sure changed the world brutally. They overran most big cities in no time. Life as we knew it, changed forever...

Some decided to fightback. The military along with some survivors established well defended bases.

You are desperately searching for a safe haven, where you could finally rest for a little bit.

Traveling during daytime seems safe so far, but with the coming of darkness, the creatures emerge from the shadows...

Your only hope is to draw the attention of the army to yourselves and pray for a quick rescue.

However with each passing hour, hope fades away, and darkness set soon...

Race against time! Can you find a safe haven from the rampaging zombie horde before it gets dark? Search through every corner of the ruined city to find a way of surviving. 


Deadland is not recommended for the following group of players: 
- Suffering from epilepsy and asthma
- Heart rhythm problems
- In case of vascular or circulatory problems
- Pregnant women
- Recommended from 14 years and above 
You have to climb tight spaces in the game too! (not required for all team members)
You also have to climb a ladder in the game! (not required for all team members)
Unlike any other of our escape rooms, this game may contain elements that can be viewed as scary, our goal was to enhance the gaming experience.(After all this is a zombie apocalypse survival game)  If any of the above applies to you, for your own safety please do NOT participate in the game!


7/10 difficulty


60 minutes

Number of players

2-6 players


AROOM Budapest




  • 2 person in the group
    ~ € 17.86/person
  • 3 person in the group
    ~ € 12.86/person
  • 4 person in the group
    ~ € 10.71/person
  • 5 person in the group
    ~ € 9.71/person
  • 6 person in the group
    ~ € 9.05/person


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