Couple power in Locked Room

Student and couple discount in the month of May

 May 22, 2023, 3:34:09 PM

It’s a common misbelief that two people are not enough for a successful escape experience. This month we are going to prove this statement wrong! What really counts when it comes to playing an escaperoom is excellent communication and great teamwork. This is why two people are perfect to play an escaperoom. They will always hear what the other have to say, and no information will be lost. Prove that a couple is not only capable of successfully fulfilling an escape mission, but even to set a new time record. Book a room from Monday to Thursday with the COUPLE promotional code for 2500 forint off of your game price.


The spring will not end luckily for the couples. Even though for a lot of high school students May equals the final exam period, having fun is something that everybody should have time for. Use your free afternoons not just for studying but to come and play in Budapest’s best escaperoom. In Locked Room you can experience our cool investigation games, while Aroom waits for you with the most adventures themes and two floor rooms. Come and play with us from Monday to Thursday, and use the STUDENT promocode for a 20% discount of your game price.


The offers cannot be combined with any other discount and can be only used between Monday and Thursday.