Bank Robbery

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The Story

Bank Robbery is one of our all-stars. Perfect for players who like not only working their brains, but also searching for keys and codes. It’s not an easy room but we recommend it also for beginners, it’s also great for a first escape experience.

It all begins in the brewery, next to the bank. You’ve already planned the bank heist and hidden the necessary equipment. When the place closes the real fun starts. Find your way into the bank! The branch bank building was shut down a while ago, after some corruption scandals were exposed to public. It might seem dusty and ruined at the first look, but watch out for laser beams and alarms, they are still active! Try not to draw unnecessary attention. If you manage to override the security system, you can start to open the armored vault door and take the enormous amount of gold supply! This is all, so gather your best crewmembers and be the ones who can successfully accomplish this mission! As te photos might suggest, your team will be facing with various types of challenges. Of course, you don’t have to use brute force or heavy tools, but be prepared for a series of logical puzzles and a small portion of physical ones too!



60 minutes


AROOM Budapest





2 players

~ € 22.37


3 players

~ € 17.54


4 players

~ € 14.47


5 players

~ € 13.16


6 players

~ € 12.28