Back to School offer

Be more excited for back to school

 Feb 13, 2024, 1:46:16 PM

The summer is over, the vacation is far away, but the fun doesn't stop here. We welcome you to the best escape rooms in Budapest, Locked Room and Aroom, with coupons and even more exciting prize games!
Let us guide you, or rather, let us hijack you on a fabulous ship adventure, or even be the one to save humanity from the zombies! Would you be more attracted to the world of crime fiction? The Serial Killer or even our Zodiac killer room could be the perfect choice for you! Are you coming with small children? The classic Ghost Castle, loved and known by everyone, is our newest game, in which you can unravel the secret of the ancient castle that has been hidden for centuries. It's great family fun, but if you'd rather come with your friends and wear the school desk, come with a 20% discount from Monday to Thursday by showing your valid student ID! No matter which of our rooms you choose, the exciting sound and light effects are guaranteed to make your jaw drop!
"Everything is easier with a partner" goes the saying. Is this also true for liberation? Come and find out with your partner how well you can work as a team and use our COUPLE code for a HUF 2,500 discount in September!
It's not so hard to shake back into autumn, is it?
We look forward to welcoming everyone every day of the week!

Our STUDENT and COUPLE discount is only valid from Monday to Thursday, and the discounts cannot be combined!