All Our Escape Rooms Are Air-Conditioned!

Let the puzzles sweat make you sweat, not the weather.

 Feb 13, 2024, 1:37:32 PM
A heat wave scorches the world, but Locked Room is ready!
Dear players!
With the hectic weather of recent weeks, we have been able to experience for a few days what it is like to live in the Sahara.
Fortunately, both AROOM and Locked Room are equipped with air conditioners (with constant replacement of AC filters) to keep your favorite hobby hassle-free on even the hottest summer days.
But that’s not all, this cool escaping experience is only complete with free cold drinking water as good hydration is essential for critical thinking.
Of course, our guests, accustomed to the Mediterranean climate, still can enjoy free coffee and free tea.
As always, we are waiting for your adventure teams at both of our locations, the oasis of escape rooms only at : Locked Room and AROOM arcades!