5+1 reasons why you should gift your kids an escape game!

AROOM and LockedRoom are also open during spring break!

 May 22, 2023, 3:35:43 PM

5+1 reasons why you should gift your kids an escape game!

AROOM and LockedRoom are also open during spring break!


During spring break, many parents struggle about how to entertain their children. This is why our escape rooms are also open on holidays such as Easter.


Kids love escape rooms. These places are full of adventure and discovery. Here you can really let your imagination run free. In addition, they are incredibly interactive and engaging, allowing children to explore and climb into small spaces. There is no need to say "don't touch!", because this is exactly what will make the escape successful. We have brought you 5+1 reasons why an escape game is the perfect activity for both parents and children.

1. Interesting themes.

What child wouldn't want to fall into a fairy tale world, such as Peter Pan, even for an hour? With our Pirate Ship room, girls can dress up as Tinker Bell, and boys can be Péter Pan or even Captain Hook. Those who are a little braver can enter a haunted castle as a princess/prince, where the goal is to acquire the inheritance. For the bigger ones, who are brave enough to save the world from zombies, we recommend Deadland. The zombie theme both gives you chills and an adrenaline rush that makes you feel like nothing is impossible!

2. No more fighting at bed time!

Our rooms are so huge that constantly running from one location to another will tire out all members of the family in the most exciting way. It often happens that you will only need the tool you found at the end of the game, so you spend most of your time with exercising. Escape rooms provide space for children to use all their energy, stimulate their brains and safely push their limits.

3. It does not cause problems when you have to climb into smaller places.


Some games require you to crawl around the floor, spot things in tiny spaces, or find clues that are below  eye level. Children are not only more skillful players, but they can easily fit everywhere when it comes to exploring smaller spaces!

4. The uncrowned kings of role-playing

Kids are great at role-playing, whether they're fighting pirates, playing the hero, or hunting zombies. From a very young age, they want to imitate their favorite people (mom, dad, brother, pet), doctor, airplane pilot... Role-playing is an essential part of a child's development. Self-confidence, communication, body, creativity and problem-solving. Escape games are so much more than that! An excellent way for children to experience a character, act out real-life roles or fictional performances.

5. Perfect time-travel simulator!

Escape rooms use a lot of incredible special effects and sound effects, it almost feels like a real time-travel under 60 minutes. Imagine what it looks like from the children's point of view when you enter an unknown era - a room decorated with authentic props, a realistic pirate ship, a castle, an apocalyptic location and you can explore and feel like a detective in a safe environment. This is an experience of a lifetime, for the whole family!

5+1. Incredible deals await!

Throughout April, we have our biggest sale so far between Monday and Thursday! If the team comes with 5 or 6 people, you can play HUF 5,000 cheaper, even on Easter!

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