Valentine Week Offer

Surprise your loved one with a special experience on Valentine's day. Locked Room Budapest has prepared some amazing deals to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. Check out the offers here.

 Feb 17, 2020, 8:38:12 PM

Dear escape artist!

Another year has passed, we got a little older, bit more experienced, maybe a bit more cunning as well. 

Those of you that follow us for a longer period of time, surely will suspect what this post is all about. Each year we come up with a new deal for this special occasion. 
This new year, full of adventures and thrilles can be no different. 
Statistics show (and we all know stats never lie) that you like to visit us in couples most of the time. 
As a Valentine special, that comes real handy. We are inviting all married couples, love birds to an amazing experience that you get to share together.
But enough is enough, lets get on with the deal already! 
Book your escape game with us between Ferbruary the 10th till the 16th and take advantage of the couples discount extended to 3 rooms. 
Try out one of these fantastic adventures: 
  • - Real Thriller, pumped up ZODIAC KILLER ( this is a revamped version of the retired Serial Killer 3 room) 
  • - An all time favourite : Motel
  • - ARooms adventure seekers special: Bank Robbery 
But this is not all! In order to avoid a scenario where you give a piece of paper, we will even chuck in a free dessert pack that you get at the reception in either of our locations. You have nothing to do, but to go to our website. Book your game for 2 persons and you are done. 
Valentine Day Special Offer Now: 10.990HUF 
(Recommended retail price: 12.500HUF) 
So dont hesitate, places are selling out fast, you dont want to miss out!
Come and enjoy the coolest escape games in Budapest and make this Valentines day 1 to remember. 
Now, whos up for some fun?