The secret lab

Mysterious activities in the abandoned house


The Story

Is it just an old, abandoned house that everybody wants to keep clear of? Or is there something bigger secret lurking in the shadows? To find that out, you need to step inside. The mystery slowly unfolds as you go deeper and deeper into the old house, and things are happening so fast. Can you stay calm and cool-headed?

Mysterious activities in the abandoned house.

What is hidden in the house standing empty for many years and who is in the interest of the area to drive away all pry? One theory is that the empty and dilapidated house has become alcoholics' and drug consumers' nest, but based on others' opinion a criminal organization is active in the building.

Twists and surprises which leads to an unexpected outcome of this story!


8/10 difficulty


60 minutes

Number of players

2-7 players


Locked Room



total price per room

  • 2 p. 14000,-
  • 3 p. 14000,-
  • 4 p. 14000,-
  • 5 p. 14000,-
  • 6 p. 16500,-
  • 7 p. 19000,-


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