Research Base

Be the part of the high-tech world. Choose if you are experienced.


The Story

There is hidden, underground government research base in a cold, secluded zone in Russia... Well, to be honest, this is not a secret for you, you received information from inside, a large amount of radioactive residue were released in the area by accident, and the base was evacuated immediately. However, there is a heavily guarded safe, with invaluable contents which worth the risk. Make a plan, infiltrate the base, find the safe and crack it open. You probably won't find anybody underground, however, due to high radiation levels you will have only an hour to finish the job. Good luck!

Top quality high-tech adventure game at Budapest! Our most difficult one. 

Are you ready for the top quality, high-tech escape adventure at Budapest?

A game with no padlocks or keys, experience the story of a high-tech environment insted. High-tech adventure game!

Locate ond open the heavily guarded safe and steal the concealed secrets of the government. But be on alert, due to a system failure ​​high radioactivity contaminates the area, you will have 60 minutes for this mission!


9/10 difficulty


60 minutes

Number of players

2-6 players


Locked Room




  • 2 person in the group
    ~ € 17.86/person
  • 3 person in the group
    ~ € 12.86/person
  • 4 person in the group
    ~ € 10.71/person
  • 5 person in the group
    ~ € 9.43/person
  • 6 person in the group
    ~ € 8.57/person