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Why offer locked room gift card?

Surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable experience, an excellent program that everyone likes and you can even play it together! Who wouldn’t like an exciting, entertaining 60 minute program, where you get a little bit out of your daily routine and could be part of an adventure. Gift vouchers can be purchased online immediately. Get a great gift right now that you just have to share with your chosen one. Give your loved ones a memorable experience! It's just two minutes! The Locked Room Budapest gift voucher is a great gift idea and surprise for a special occasion, just like a birthday or Christmas!

Price of the gift card: 14,000 HUF for teams of 2-5. Expire after 6 months.


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We believe that an escape game experience is way more memorable than any tangible gift.

About Locked Room

Dive into the adventurous world of riddles and puzzles, where in order to complete the mission you need to work as a team and use every information that seems important! Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure like no other!