Deal for 2 on the Serial Killer 3!

If you are 2, book the Serial Killer 3 room and save 3000 HUF! (11.000 HUF total instead of 14.000)

 Jan 8, 2020, 9:38:33 PM

With the very first release of The Serial Killer escape room scenario, Locked Room Budapest had been recognized and got reputation on the growing escape room market. The first version of the game at the time of the creation in 2013 was one of the very first story-based games of Budapest, which impressed the audience with a completely realistic atmosphere in a large space, through several big rooms. The great success of the game is in the faithful representation of the story, the visuals, and the never before seen puzzles. Thanks to the unforgetable gaming experience, Locked Room Budapest had become the Country's Best Escape Room on two occasions, with the Serial Killer game. The Serial Killer was Locked Room's flagship, which had been constructed in several large cities around the globe based on the concept of the original one. This made us thinking about proper sequel. In 2017, when a large number of popular and successful other games were built by Locked Room at Budapest and abroad, it was time to reimagine the game, and get back to work. After some months with the help of movie prop-makers, the perfect set-up and visuals were completed, and with the reprogramming and rebuilding of the old puzzles, The Series Killer 2 became the succesful sequel of the first one. In the first quarter of 2018, a new version of the original game was built, with stunning visuals and fun gameplay, and now both versions are available and can be even played in larger teams at the same time.