Our history:

Locked Room Budapest opened its doors in 2012 among with the first few real escape games of the World. When creating games, we steered away from first generation escape games. We offer real adventure games! We keep changing our older games dynamically to provide the most up-to date games that you can pick, and this way you can even re-visit us, playing a new mission. We have won the Game of the Year award in Hungary each year it was announced. Our games are original Locked Room games, they are not bought from other parties. Our games can be found and played at several locations worldwide.

The game:

Our escape game missions have the highest quality of design, and custom high tech elements at Budapest, and contain various tasks, mysteries and puzzles which will surely offer brand new dimensions of fun. Solving these puzzles and completing these tasks will require good team work, which will eventually lead to a successful escape at the end.

The tasks, the room size and the design are different in the games. Our escape games offer various challenges where the players can become part of the exciting and dynamic storyline.

The price of the game:

Surgery: 14.000 HUF / 2-6 persons

Motel: 14.000 HUF / 2-6 persons

Secret Lab: 14.000 HUF / 2-6 persons

Serial Killer 2: 14.000 HUF / 2-5 persons

Serial Killer 3: 14.000 HUF / 2-5 persons

Research Base: 14.000 HUF / 2-5 persons

Bank Robbery: 14.000 HUF / 2-5 persons

Extra persons: +2000HUF/person, up to maximum 6 or 7 persons.


The booking can be done through the online booking system or by person at the spot. In there you can choose the desired game. For successful booking you will need to provide a valid e-mail address and a valid phone number. After providing the needed information, you can re-check your provided information again. If the booking was successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


You can pay on the spot with cash but during the online reservation we ask 2000 HUF online deposit for securing the choosen timeslot. The deposit can be payed with debit or credit card through the PayPal or SimplyPay system or you can pay with your esisting PayPal account. At the spot we don't accept debit or credit cards. After the booking we transfer you to the PayPal's secure paying site to complete the transaction.


At the end of booking, we will forward you to the secure paying site of PayPal. The given credit card information will reach to PayPal’s system through a secure channel, unauthorizedpersonnel cannot see it. Registration to PayPal is not needed, in order to process with simple credit card paying method, just select ’Pay with my credit or debit card’ option.

Vouchers, coupons:

Purchase of gift vouchers can happen on the spot. When booking with a gift voucher or a coupon, the given code must be inserted into the small coupon code window. If the code is correct, the window will turn green and the booking may proceed. If the code is invalid or out of date, the system will automatically switch to cash checkout and will head to Paypal’s transaction page. This procedure may happen in case of newly bought codes. At times like this, we advise you to wait a few hours, as the newly given out codes will not be registered instantly into the system. At the case of coupons with fixed due date, you will only need to make the booking before the code expires. The selected date of the game can be later too. You cannot combine two or more coupons together.


We kindly ask all players to arrive precisely to the given appointment. In case of being late for longer than 10 minutes, the timer starts in the game and the team will have less time to escape. If the team is late for over 30 minutes, they cannot start the game. At Székely Mihály street the entrance is from the street, a sign will indicate it. At Király street you will find a doorbell (number 10), please wait for our gammaster's response, ring again if needed - they might be busy with another game.


The disclaimer can only be accepted at least 48 hours before the booked date. In case of not showing up for the booked date, the previously paid entry fee cannot be refunded. The entry fee, which was paid in advance, is legitimate for only one occasion. The price of the ticket cannot be refunded.

The conditions of participating:

The service of Locked Room’s interactive logical game can only be taken with one’s own responsibility and by booking, all the members of the team accepts our terms and conditions. One can participate in the game with a 2-6 person team. Children under the age of 14 can only participate in the game with the presence of parents, but the lower age limit is age of 8. The available time is 60 minutes for any mission. The team must make their escape within this time limit; otherwise the game comes to an end. One can only participate in the game with a valid reservation ID code, which is previously given after the completion of online date booking. We may ask for the reservation ID code at the scene. The paying method occurs accordingly as it was marked in the confirmation e-mail. If the player has a coupon, but it was marked as a cash booking, the discount cannot be used.

Language of the game:

All of our games could be played in English. The gamemaster will give a short introduction before the game.

Our group is greater than 6 people, but we would like to play together still.

It is also possible to play together as 6 persons or more, but number of the people cannot exceed 7 as you cannot enter the game with such number of members. The price of such game goes as the following: Each additional member of the team can participate for +2000 HUF/person cost.

We would like to hold our team building at your place with a bigger group.

The place is fit for bigger team buildings also. You should contact us through e-mail about the details and the custom prices at info@locked.hu.

Is the game frightening or scary?

There are no scary or frightening elements in our games, as the game itself is focusing on solving logical and crafty tasks which will eventually lead a team to the final exit.

I would like to purchase a gift voucher. How can I do that?

Our gift vouchers can be bought on the spot for our games.


People under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not take part in the game. We will send such people away for the room’s and their own safety. It is strictly forbidden to bring pointing, cutting weapons, firearms, dangerous objects or objects which may threaten other’s life, to the game area. It is forbidden to smoke, to take pictures or to make video/audio recording in the game zone and within the lobby area.

The domain name of www.locked.hu, www.lockedroom.hu, www.lockedroombudapest.hu the name of Locked Room and Locked Room Budapest is under copyright and ownership right. Usage of these names without proper marking of the source link can only happen with a previously written approval of Locked Services Ltd.

All of Locked Room's games are their own intellectual property. Stealing intellectual property is a criminal act.
All players agree to undertake not to discuss, divulge or circulate any information regarding the content of the games or any other proprietary information, and not to pass on this information or they will render themselves liable to prosecution under breach of confidentiality rules.